AI-priced freight
insurance in less than a minute

Loadsure® is the InsurTech solution to the global underinsurance crisis. We combined ground-breaking tech with incomparable industry expertise, and developed a revolutionary product that delivers accurately-priced freight insurance in less than a minute.

by our partners
around the world


The smart solution
to underinsurance

Less than 40 Secondsis all it takes to get an accurately-priced insurance certificate with Loadsure

More than 60 Percentof shipments go under or uninsured in the US freight market today

Less than 24 Hoursneeded to seamlessly integrate our tech with your existing systems

Sounds too good to be true?

Discover the benefits Loadsure can offer shippers, brokers and carriers,
like reliable premiums and automated claims.

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Good for brokers, and just as good for the freight industry. In short, Loadsure benefits every party, every step of the way.

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Unparalleled speed

Issue insurance certificates in 40 seconds or less, and tap into a huge market that’s been historically underserved.

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Sustainable profits

Eliminate the time and labor costs required to provide single shipment coverage, and make sustainable profits.

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Dynamic pricing

Use our powerful algorithm and decades of historical data to provide flexible and competitive quotes, which are married to real-time risk profiles.

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Faster claims

Speed up claims when they do happen, with an automated process that simplifies submissions and settles claims in near real time.

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Simple setup

Enjoy a fuss-free integration with our API, which can be quickly embedded into your digital sales channels, or gain near-instant access to a white-label online portal with your own branding.

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Streamlined payments

Take advantage of automated billing, tailored to your needs for a streamlined credit control and settlement process.

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Full control

Create custom reports and administer policies for a more holistic oversight of the data that matters to you - all from one centralized location.

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Accurate costs

Our high-resolution dynamic pricing uses real-time data to generate an accurate quote for your precise journey, based on commodity, unit, and route.

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Instant cover

Get insurance certificates for your cargo in as little as 40 seconds - anytime, anywhere - through our intuitive platform.

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Intuitive design

Input your data quickly and accurately with an intuitive, user-friendly platform, which auto-fills specific fields and minimizes human error.

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Pricing powered by data

Enjoy consistently affordable pricing informed by limitless data, without compromising on coverage.

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Automated claims process

Forget time-consuming submissions, and enjoy all the benefits of an automated process that gets to the outcome you deserve, quicker.