Built for freight

For freight

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Built for freight

Cost-effective freight coverage, at your fingertips.

Confidently move goods from point A to point B with the pioneering freight insurance platform that simplifies and accelerates both coverage and claims.

Coverage that’s
actually got you

This is holistic
freight protection.

From the first InsurTech platform that utilizes AI and real-time data to deliver affordable all risk, first dollar coverage - in less than a minute.

Discover the
power of holistic freight

When time is critical, use the
industry’s fastest solution

Less than 60 SecondsThat’s all it takes to get an accurately-priced insurance certificate with Loadsure

Less than 24 HoursSeamlessly integrate our pioneering tech within your existing systems practically overnight

Lower costs. Better claims.
And the outcomes you deserve.
In just 40 seconds.

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Accurate costs

Cut your per-load freight insurance costs by up to 80%, with dynamic pricing that uses real-time data to generate accurate and competitive quotes.

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Instant cover

Receive insurance certificates for your cargo in as little as 40 seconds - anytime and anywhere - through our intuitive platform.

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Intuitive design

Input your data quickly and accurately with an intuitive, user-friendly platform, which auto-fills the relevant fields and minimizes human error.

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Pricing powered by data

Enjoy consistently affordable pricing informed by limitless data, without compromising on coverage.

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Centralized claims

Forget time-consuming submissions, and enjoy all the benefits of an automated process that gets to the outcome you deserve, quicker.

Start beating the underinsurance crisis.
And take your cargo to new limits.

Get up to a $2M limit for single conveyance — or $100,000 for LTL shipments.

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It only takes 40 seconds to get insured.
It takes even less to get started.