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Sophisticated tech,
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Forget unpredictable rates and traditional annual policies. Loadsure is smarter than that.

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Solving the

The low-down
on Loadsure®

Look under the hood of the Loadsure platform, and find out what makes this solution such a game changer.

The tech

Our dynamic rating engine analyzes high-resolution data in real time, creating an accurate risk score for every shipment.

The data

We used decades of industry data to build the foundations of our model. Now – as data continues to flood in – we leverage it to inform our rating model, running real-time adjustment to optimize accuracy and make freight insurance sustainably profitable for the first time.


High-resolution data is the key to accurately pricing any risk – be it a fleet of milk trucks, or a ship full of timber. 

Fuelled by a rich (and constantly growing) bank of data, our AI engine takes dynamic pricing to the next level, generating hyper-accurate coverage and flattening the extreme peaks and troughs of conventional insurance pricing.

How our API works

Designed for maximum compatibility, Loadsure can integrate into any transportation platform, from Transportation Management Systems (TMS) and load boards to freight marketplaces and booking systems.

Four steps for the user, less than a minute for coverage.

Step 01
The shipment details entered by the customer are sent to Loadsure via the API
Step 02
Our AI learning engine instantly prices customer risk
Step 03
The system then seamlessly generates a tailored premium and deductible, complete with terms & conditions, in under a second
Step 04
Customers can opt into holistic freight protection in one click, and instantly receive an insurance certificate
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Fuss-free claims

It’s not just our coverage that’s convenient. With an automated claims process, labor-intensive claims handling is a thing of the past. In fact, our tech makes both filing and settling a claim more efficient, turning near-real-time claims settlement into a reality in commercial freight.

Our white-glove process and dynamic forms allow for smooth data collection, auto filling information already on file to minimize administrative hassle.

We know it’s no good waiting on a claim, so we issue instant payouts at the point of approval.

The process

The process explained

Now you’ve had the download on Loadsure,
what happens next?

01 / Contact us

How to get started
Reach out to the Loadsure team. Our team is spread across five
different time zones, all waiting to hear from you.

02 / Consultation

Speak to our experienced team
Book a 30-minute demo and see the Loadsure platform in action.
When you give the go ahead, our team will get to know your business,
make note of your core objectives and agree workflows to get the ball rolling.

03 / Installation & set up

Getting you up and running
If you’ve opted to integrate the Loadsure platform with an
existing system, this is where our tech experts will get your
portal up and running smoothly.

04 / Product training

Showing you the ropes
Your dedicated contact will guide your team through the platform,
ensuring they’re fully equipped to quote, issue, bind and file a claim.


    Now you know how Loadsure works
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