Motor Truck Cargo & Logistics Services Insurance

Columbia™ (Motor Truck Cargo & Logistics Services Insurance) is a data-powered insurance product, purpose-built for the logistics community.

A white cargo truck is pictured from behind as it drives along the right lane of a highway. The sun is setting on the left.

Columbia™ provides market leading coverage, protecting motor carriers, freight brokers, and freight forwarders against damage to cargo. Supplemental coverages in addition to the main insurance agreement include business personal property, contingent coverage, contractual penalties, debris removal, extra expense, freight charges and shipping containers.

Through Loadsure, insurance producers can optimize their time and efficiently secure coverage for clients via dynamic quote, binding confirmation, and policy generation.

How does it work?

Through our data-driven algorithm, our dynamic pricing model delivers fair and accurately priced quotes faster than other markets. This efficiency empowers insurance professionals by economizing their time allowing them to capitalize on additional opportunities across the transportation industry.

A photo of two flyover highways which are built across a river with forest on either side. There's a truck on the left and two cars on the right, as well as some cars in the background.

Key benefits

  • Quick and easy process with faster turnaround times than traditional markets
  • Fair and accurately priced quotes based on Insured’s own data
  • Dynamic document generation (quote/binder/policy)

IMPORTANT RISK WARNING: Insurance products are subject to certain risks and uncertainties. While insurance is designed to provide coverage for various losses and liabilities, it is important to understand that it may not cover all potential risks or losses. The effectiveness of an insurance policy depends on the specific terms and conditions, exclusions, and limits of the policy. It is essential to read and understand the policy documentation before purchasing insurance. If you have any questions or uncertainties, please consult with a professional advisor. Remember, the purpose of insurance is to provide protection against potential future losses, and it is not intended as an investment product. It does not provide a return on investment like a savings account or investment product.

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