Why Loadsure is proud to support working parents

A group shot of some of the Loadsure team and their kids at a baseball game.

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Kate Lawson, Head of People and Culture

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Since the strictest Covid-19 measures eased around the Western world last year, many businesses have urged their staff to formally commit to returning to the office in some capacity – and faced severe criticism for it. But, for working parents, this change in pace poses a whole different set of challenges. 

Thankfully, when I came to Loadsure, I knew that these challenges would be one less thing to worry about. Supportive of working from home long before it became mandatory, Loadsure is a remote business first and foremost, and that makes it a pioneering company in more ways than one. 

Not only is Loadsure revolutionising the way insurance is quoted and underwritten, it’s also setting the standard among InsurTech’s in terms of culture. Ultimately, Loadsure offers employees the freedom and flexibility to work in a way that accommodates the nuanced and unpredictable needs of working parents. 

You can’t have flexible working without trust 

So often, “flexible working” is cited in job descriptions and company manifestos. But how regularly does this actually mean adhering to strict hybrid working policies instead? For the team at Loadsure, flexible working is exactly what it should be – you’re trusted to carry out your work on time and to spec, without the hovering hand of surveillance or micromanagement looming over you. 

That word, “trust”, is absolutely key. It’s a word which was echoed by Joe, EVP of Marketing and busy father of three, when I spoke to him about the wider benefits of flexible working. “It’s important that employers trust individuals to manage their own time, giving them the flexibility to deliver the work and balance other responsibilities in a way that suits their lifestyle.”

So, what does that trust mean to me? It empowers me. It lets me know I can show up for my children at the school gate while still completing all my work responsibilities in my own time. After all, when we’re not making personal sacrifices to do a good job, we do our best possible work.  

And it doesn’t just benefit the parents on our team, either. Flexible working allows everyone at Loadsure to work flexibly around their own personal commitments, whether that be children, other family members, or the hobbies that make them who they are. If you give people the flexibility to do their job, however it works for them, then you’ll get the best out of your team.

Parenting comes with unexpected (and unscheduled) challenges 

Ask any parent with young children, and they’ll tell you that things rarely go to plan for longer than a few hours. A core part of supporting working parents is giving them the leeway to deal with hiccups and last-minute childcare changes – and trusting them to adapt and communicate effectively so that their professional responsibilities can still be completed on time. 

According to Joe, “we work so well as a team that these unforeseen distractions have never delayed the delivery of critical work. With careful planning and a margin for error, we can pick up the slack for a colleague in need.” 

Just take myself as a case in point. Addressing unforeseen childcare challenges has never been an issue for me, because I know I can always count on the support of my team. It is a feeling of trust without judgement, and it’s key to the productive, collaborative, and happy working culture we have here at Loadsure. 

What does this freedom mean to me? 

Simply put, it’s the difference between being absent and being available for my children as they grow up. I’m out of the office on the school run every day from 3-3.30pm, and this is never questioned, just factored in as a given. 

I asked Jennifer – one of our Business Development Executives – how much this trust means to her. “It’s allowed me to be a more hands on parent, and not miss out. For example, I never miss the first day of school, but I’ve always had to take time off to be present in the past. Not this year! I started my work day earlier so I could take my children to school, then go back to work and complete my day.” 

To be clear, true flexibility like this isn’t easy to achieve. That’s why so few companies offer it. It has to come from the top down, and it all started with the progressive vision of our CEO and Founder, Johnny McCord. 

Johnny recognises the vital role that personal happiness (and domestic peace) play in professional success. “As a startup, we have the exciting opportunity to shape our culture and policies directly around our workforce, rather than seeking out a team to slot into an existing environment. No one should miss a milestone for a meeting, and I wanted to make sure that the Loadsure ethos prioritises the support of working parents in this way.”

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