What does onboarding look like for insurance brokers?

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Nate Trimble, CCO

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One question we get asked by prospective clients a lot is “how does the onboarding process work?”

If you’re an insurance broker looking to better serve your freight clients with accurately-priced cargo cover, you’ll be glad to hear that onboarding with Loadsure is quick, easy and straightforward. 

Getting started requires minimal input from you, and once you’ve joined us, you’ll have a dedicated Relationship Manager to help guide you through the process, get up and running, and provide any contingent support you need afterwards. 

First up, book your consultation.

Whether you enquired with us, or we got in touch with you via outreach, the first step is to book your consultation. Our team will take you through a 30-minute demo, and if you decide to go ahead and join us, we’ll get the ball rolling pretty fast.

Access, integration and set up.

As soon as you’ve signed an agreement, you can have access to a white-label version of the Loadsure portal within five minutes, so you can see its capabilities first-hand. Alternatively, if you’d rather have access to a portal that’s fully integrated with your existing systems – this process takes a little longer, but with our API, you can still be set up in around five business days. 

It’s worth noting here that we take care of the whole integration process; your Relationship Manager will coordinate with our internal team, so you don’t get caught up in the technicalities. 

While access to the portal is almost instant, we prefer to take our time getting to know your team. You’ll have a launch call with all stakeholders scheduled within five business days, and in the meantime, we’ll deliver a full account map internally, so we know where everyone on your team sits, what they do and what they’re likely to need. In that call, we cover off the introductions and answer any initial questions you might have too.

Follow-up training.

Ongoing relationships with our broker partners. Within 30 days, we’ll issue you with a comprehensive partner kit which includes a list of our products, and organize a lunch and learn, either in person or online. This session usually involves a more thorough demonstration of the platform, some training on the claims process, and a run through of the core FAQs. 

Ongoing support and aftercare.

Importantly, we don’t believe in jumping ship as soon as you’re set up. Instead, we prefer to build a long-term relationship with all our broker partners, so you can call on us for ongoing support as your needs and usage of the platform might evolve. Your Relationship Manager is on hand to help you with: 

  • Any additional training you need, for new hires or similar
  • Any queries you have about the claims process
  • Any queries you may have about cover for specialist or high value loads 
  • Any queries about our different products, or platform functionality more generally 

What other benefits can Loadsure offer brokers?

Now you know about our efficient onboarding process, it’s worth checking out our other benefits too. For brokers, Loadsure is a game-changing investment – our AI-driven platform can transform your offering, equipping you to provide sustainably profitable cargo cover to the freight community.

1. Unparalleled speed

With Loadsure, you can issue freight insurance certificates in under 40 seconds, hugely increasing your capacity and enabling brokers to focus on more complex tasks.

2. Sustainable profits

Our platform reduces the time and labor costs compared to that previously needed to provide single-shipment coverage, allowing you to make sustainable profits.

3. High-res dynamic pricing

The unique and powerful algorithm our platform uses generates flexible and competitive quotes, based on real-time risk profiles, so your pricing will always be accurate.

4. A faster claims process

Claims are an inevitability – but our automated process makes submissions super simple for your users, and accelerates the settlement process too. 

Full control

As a Loadsure client, you can create custom reports for your business, for a more holistic, analytical overview of the data that matters, all from one centralized location.

Want to find out more about the Loadsure solution? Get in touch with us today and we’ll arrange for a team member to give you a call back.