Swiftly manage your COVID-driven risk in the spot freight cargo market

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Today, brokers, shippers, and carriers, like you, are laboring under extraordinary stress and strain in the face of COVID-19.

And, while frontline healthcare workers are relieved when critical PPE arrives on site, and families are grateful to find store shelves restocked with toilet paper and disinfectant—they often don’t pause to consider how those essential supplies got there in the first place.

We know.

In the face of a deadly global pandemic, it’s your critical work that keeps the supply chain moving—you ensure supplies vital to the COVID response are delivered when and where they’re needed most.

We also recognize that your risk is skyrocketing—sometimes unbeknownst to you—as you face challenges related to the public health crisis, the resulting economic downturn, and growing demand for capacity.

You need to identify every possible opportunity to spot and manage your risk, simplify your work, cut costs, improve your cash flow, and protect your business. We can help.

Facing fresh challenges in your new COVID reality

COVID-19 has proven to be a massively disruptive event. And, in the rush to rapidly transform the way you live and work, your increased risk exposures can easily go unnoticed.


Carriers today are facing extraordinary pressure to rapidly move essential goods to market. And, between the HOS suspension and pandemic-related panic, drivers are strained and exhausted—making them more likely to be involved in an accident.

What’s more, private fleets may be operating with additional risk exposure. With their for-hire authority fast-tracked by the FMCSA, they’re moving into the spot market—and likely self-insured. Meaning, they simply won’t be carrying the same comprehensive insurance coverage as a for-hire carrier right out of the gate. If the cargo they’re carrying is lost or damaged, they could be left holding the bill.


The economic downturn has rendered shippers incredibly vulnerable. There’s no room for error today.

With business already interrupted by the outbreak, however, their cargo is moving more slowly now than before—putting them at risk of contractual penalties.

Should goods be damaged or spoiled en-route, without their own coverage, they’re forced to engage in a time-consuming claims settlement process that demands they prove carrier negligence—something they may be unable to do. In which case, they absorb the loss at a time when losses are particularly painful. And, even if their claim is successful, the settlement necessary to maintaining their cash flow will move through a human-driven process—leaving them waiting for 100 days or more.


As COVID-driven demand has exceeded contractual logistics’ ability to cope, that overflow freight has moved to the spot market. And, recognizing the urgency needed to move essential supplies, brokers are increasingly contracting with new carriers. In the rush, they’re less likely to do their proper due diligence.

These challenges are compounded by the rapid transition from a highly-collaborative call center environment to working remotely from home offices. Complicating matters further, while business is slowing for many, it’s not for brokers. And, in the face of this overwhelming demand—they don’t have easy access to the critical tools and office support system that keeps freight moving efficiently.

Quickly and cost-effectively manage the risk that threatens your business

Risk is on the rise across the entire supply chain—and it’s compounded by increasing stress and workloads.

You need to simplify all that you can, and then get back to focusing on the job at hand.

Loadsure helps you do just that, delivering per-load, wrap-around, all-risk cargo coverage to brokers, shippers, and carriers—cost-effectively and in real-time.

The benefits are significant:

  • Eliminate expensive annual covers and improve cash flow—purchasing insurance as and when you need it
  • Reduce insurance costs by 5x or more by leveraging a simple, fully-digital process that accurately underwrites risk with predictive analytics
  • Protect yourself with a first-party policy, so you don’t have to prove negligence to win your claim—giving you greater security
  • Receive claims settlements in hours—rather than days, or weeks—putting you back on solid financial footing as soon as possible

Save money and manage these new risks with Loadsure

If you want to save money, be more efficient, and reduce potentially crippling annual cover costs right now—drop us a line and we’ll get you the info you need. If you’d like to know your specific savings, just fill out this form and we’ll tee things up for you.

We’re all in this together

When we first began developing our Loadsure solution, we recognized the need to simplify insurance, reduce costs, and speed claims. And, in the face of COVID-19, that need has only multiplied.

We know you’re hurting, that you’re overwhelmed. We also recognize the tremendous service you’re providing to communities in need.

That’s why we’re so proud to offer support to brokers, shippers, and carriers, just like you—giving you the peace of mind you need and helping you get back on your feet as quickly as possible.