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Now a premier logistics and transportation provider, Scotlynn actually began as an agricultural company. The transportation arm originally sprang from the requirements of Scotlynn farms, which needed a secure, timely way of delivering fresh produce to their stockists. 

So Scotlynn became its own first customer. Today, the multinational transportation and agricultural group specializes in the delivery of time-sensitive refrigerated goods, via reefer cargo.

Known for its fantastic customer service, reliable drivers, and state-of-the-art vehicles and equipment, Scotlynn is widely recognised as a superior choice for transporting perishable goods in North America. 

Results snapshot

✔ Policies in under a minute
✔ Able to move a broader range of goods
✔ Smooth, straightforward claims
✔ Peace of mind

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The challenge 

Accessing the right cover for common cargo exclusions 

Scotlynn may be the master of this niche, but shipping refrigerated cargo isn’t without its challenges. According to a recent report, food and beverage accounted for 16% of global cargo stolen in 2022, up from 14% in 2021.

When it comes to finding the right freight insurance, loads containing perishable goods are often subject to more specific cargo exclusions than others. Not only are these loads some of the most at-risk in transit, but they’re often difficult to insure, with coverage proving inadequate, over-expensive or too slow to access for the just-in-time supply chain of the FMCG industry.  

Not to mention, many FMCG goods have recently risen in value due to inflation, making it even more important that these loads are properly covered, at an affordable price. 

“As truckload cargo values continue to rise above standard policy limits, Loadsure is the perfect partner to ensure we’re properly covered.”

Ryan Feldman, Compliance Manager


Scotlynn had been purchasing reasonably-priced cover through a different provider, but these policies still contained a considerable list of exclusions. This meant the business had to either lose out on revenue by turning down certain loads, or take the risk and ship them uninsured.

That’s when insurance giant Arthur J Gallagher suggested Loadsure. 

The solution

With a clear need for broader cover, Scotlynn was pleased to find that Loadsure’s range of products included a policy called Thames (Dynamic, On-Demand Cargo Insurance). This product offers primary coverage for goods in cold storage, even if the journey includes transferral to another trailer. It’s also available to buy on a per-load basis, which gives you far more flexibility than an annual cargo insurance policy.

Unlike the majority of cargo insurance providers, Loadsure doesn’t rely on manual underwriting processes to issue a quote. Instead, our AI-powered platform can deliver cargo cover in under a minute, eliminating the waiting period for a policy and any resulting gaps in coverage. 

An image of a cargo truck driving along a highway past a forest and a river, with mountains in the background.

The result 

Switching to Loadsure was an easy choice. With Thames cover, Scotlynn strengthened and diversified business relationships, and could now securely carry goods which the company had previously been forced to refuse, thanks to the lack of appropriate coverage. 

Scotlynn found our automated claims tech was a big benefit too, with Director of Ops Kevin Kollker calling it ‘much better than the standard carrier claims process.’ In contrast to traditional claims handling, we use automation to make the window between the submission of the claim and the outcome being reached as small as possible, and all claimants have visibility of the claim as it progresses through the stages too. 

“With trustworthy products and efficient processes, Loadsure has unlocked the high-value freight market we were previously unable to provide coverage for.”

Ryan Feldman, Compliance Manager

Key takeaways

  • Insurance certificates generated in under a minute 
  • Scotlynn able to cover a wider range of goods with Loadsure policies  
  • Quick automated claims process gives maximum visibility  
  • Top-shelf customer service from our team of agents