MTS provider protects customers from unexpected loss

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Industry: Freight Logistics Services
Company: Regiment Logistics
Employees: 10

The client

A small-but-mighty managed transportation services provider

From its base in Miami, Regiment Logistics uses cutting-edge tech to deliver global LTL and FTL freight forwarding services to customers. 

Tapping into a talented logistics team, strong carrier network and the power of automation, this agile company has built a reputation for deftly managing complexity. 

Clients turn to Regiment Logistics for proactive communication and attentive service – but the firm’s integrity speaks volumes too. Customers know the business is committed to helping them succeed. 


Results snapshot 

  • Insurance certificates in under 40 seconds
  • $100K in coverage for $39 or less
  • 150% increase in protected load

The challenge

Efficiently protecting clients from lost, damaged, and stolen freight

Many of Regiment Logistics’ international clients export products to central and south America. But while business is booming, one factor opens up these journeys to risk exposure – their LTL shipments change hands multiple times, dramatically increasing the chances of damage and loss. 

To add insult to injury, firms shipping small volumes of high-value goods are often unable to get the right coverage from their carriers, and sometimes can’t get cover at all. 

Patrick O’Loughlin, COO of Regiment Logistics, comments “these shipments are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. For a small business, it could be their inventory for an entire month – even ninety days. If their shipment is lost and they don’t have any coverage, they’re at risk of shutting down or having to lay off employees to cover that loss.”

The protection offered by MTC liability policies simply wasn’t serving them.

“We were going to the carriers with outstretched arms on clear-cut claims, asking them to give us something”. 

“It could take a while, which wasn’t ideal for smaller companies – and carriers paid out on deserving claims at a rate of just over 50%. As a third-party logistics provider, that hurt me, too. Our clients were relying on me for a shipping experience they could count on.”

– Patrick O’Laughlin, COO, Regiment Logistics


When Regiment Logistics was unable to secure a claim settlement for damage that was clearly the fault of the carrier, the team went in search of a better solution. That’s when they discovered per-load cargo insurance – and thought they’d struck gold.

Sadly, their experience was disappointing. O’Laughlin had to hound the company to respond to his claims submissions, and his account was suspended after making only two claims. Rather than supporting their business, the folks at Regiment Logistics felt as though the company was working against them.

It was clear to O’Laughlin, like so many, that the company needed an efficient, cost-effective freight insurance solution that would actually protect their clients. But he was beginning to believe it didn’t exist.


The solution

Accurately-priced freight protection insurance in 40 seconds

Recently, the COO of Regiment Logistics heard the name of a new business called Loadsure. Our end-to-end freight protection solution caught his interest, empowering freight brokers to purchase single-shipment coverage in one click. 

After doing his due diligence, O’Laughlin was impressed. “The Loadsure interface is easy; the best one I’ve seen,” he said. “And the cargo insurance product itself is very attractive. You can get $100,000 worth of coverage for a low price, under $40.”

This was the solution Regiment Logistics so desperately needed. The company made the switch – and hasn’t looked back.


The result

Delivering customers near-instant peace of mind

In managed logistics where business moves fast – you need solutions that can deliver a competitive advantage at pace. Loadsure does just that. 

“It’s actually kind of crazy how easy it is to buy a certificate. It blows my mind – I can acquire insurance in 5, 10 seconds.”

– Patrick O’Laughlin, COO, Regiment Logistics

He also noted that Loadsure’s real-time, dynamic pricing is cost-effective and very attractive to his customers.

Before Loadsure, only 30% of Regiment Logistics’ clients’ loads were covered by freight protection. Now, with the simplicity of Loadsure at its fingertips, almost 75% of the loads that come into the warehouse are protected. The icing on the cake is the accelerated claims feature: finally having a claims process that doesn’t feel like an adversarial and dragged-out experience is a complete game-changer.

“Loadsure is a no-brainer,” says O’Laughlin.  “I don’t remember ever really having to sell it. It’s just something that makes sense and the price is right. It’s another tool that makes me even better.”


Key takeaways 

  • A 150% increase in protected loads 
  • Up to $100K worth of coverage for as little as $39
  • Accurately-priced insurance certificates in under 40 seconds
  • An automated claims process with accelerated settlements 
  • User-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate