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Based in Wilmington, North Carolina, MegaCorp is a family-owned logistics company with over a decade of experience serving clients that range from Fortune 500 firms to SMBs.

As a leading provider of cargo transportation arrangement for FTL, LTL and intermodal freight, MegaCorp connects its clients to thousands of vetted, certified transportation and carrier partners across the US and Canada.

MegaCorp has always focused on building long-term, strategic partnerships with clients by providing customized solutions for their freight needs. The firm has a reputation for attention to detail and exceptional service, and these qualities allow them to bring efficiencies and cost savings to the supply chains of their clients. These are just a few reasons they are named as one of the Top Logistics Companies in the US.

“We always offer the best to our customers, transportation partners and employees – it’s the Mega Way.”

– Terri Martin, Carrier Authorization Manager


Results snapshot

✔ Considerable cost savings
✔ Able to move a broader range of goods
✔ Strengthened carrier relationships
✔ One claim filed and settled at 100%


The challenge

Verifying coverage quickly, even for cargo exclusions.

MegaCorp was already doing everything it could to stay compliant with rapid changes in the industry – from rates to insurance requirements, truck capacity, fuel prices and even the cost of the goods themselves.

In this instance, conventional freight insurance methods simply weren’t proving quick enough. MegaCorp’s policy is to not load the trucks until insurance coverage was verified, and this was leading to considerable delays, according to MegaCorp’s standards. We asked Terri Martin – Carrier Authorization Manager – about the biggest cargo insurance obstacles MegaCorp was facing.

“At times we need to check on cargo exclusions, to ensure our carrier partners can haul a specific commodity. This can take hours – sometimes days – waiting on an agent or an underwriter to confirm.”

On top of this, MegaCorp was hauling a lot of refrigerated goods, like fresh foods and other temperature sensitive cargo. The cost of goods like these had risen, so their FTLs were rising in value too, but the carriers they used didn’t increase their cargo limits to account for this. It became clear they needed to find a better option and fast; one that would do their carrier partners, customers and employees justice.


The solution

That’s when they heard about Loadsure from a colleague in the industry. At last – this was a flexible solution that MegaCorp could rely on for consistently affordable freight coverage.

Thanks to its AI-powered engine, the Loadsure platform can issue accurately-priced policies in less than a minute. This super-fast service meant that MegaCorp could eliminate delays caused by the wait for cover to be verified, meaning shipments were able to be loaded on time.


The result

For MegaCorp, switching to Loadsure has been a game changer. Not only does sourcing freight insurance through Loadsure save the company money, it also allows them to ship a wider range of goods – including high value loads – so their clients are better served too.

More specifically, the Loadsure product MegaCorp has consistently used is Thames™, our dynamic on-demand cargo insurance. With this product, the firm has been able to cover the refrigerated shipments they were previously struggling to insure, as well as their most valuable machinery shipments too.

Ultimately, the biggest draw for MegaCorp was the ease of the platform itself. When asked about her experience with it, Terri said “the web portal is simple, user friendly, and you can get coverage at the drop of a dime.”


Key takeaways

  • Freight insurance is verified in less than a minute
  • Affordable coverage for high-value loads
  • User-friendly portal that makes getting insured super simple
  • MegaCorp can now move a broader range of goods
  • Accessible customer service support from an expert on the team