Minimizing risk with quick, comprehensive cargo coverage — and hassle-free claims processes

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The country’s best manufacturer of truck freezers and more

For over a century, family-owned business C. Nelson Manufacturing has been operating out of Northwest Ohio, producing hand-crafted cabinets and carts for the frozen dessert industry. They specialize in the custom design of commercial refrigeration products in small quantities, supplying theme parks, sports arenas and ice cream retailers all over the world.

There’s no assembly line at C. Nelson Manufacturing — instead, they bend all their own metal, and take pride in the handbuilt quality and durability of their products, delivering bespoke freezers and carts that have earned them a reputation as the best option on the US market.

Results snapshot

✔ Accurately-priced cover for all shipments
✔ No avoidable risk exposure for the business
✔ Expedited digital claims process
✔ Quick payouts, even same-day

The challenge

With customers all over the world, C. Nelson Manufacturing has to outsource all their shipping to a range of different carriers. But despite all their precautions, some shipments will inevitably incur damage along the way.

On top of this, it can take a while for the damage to be discovered, as customers don’t always uncrate their orders as soon as they arrive. This makes it even more important that the issue is resolved in a timely way.

It’s a big headache — we have to deal with product returns, and there can be disagreements with the carrier over a claim, so once we saw that cargo insurance was an option, we decided to give that a try.


Aaron Esquivel, Shipping Manager

The solution

Aaron came across Loadsure while booking shipments on LinkExTMS, the TMS system that C. Nelson Manufacturing uses. He found that Loadsure cargo insurance was available to add to his booking, making it a convenient, straightforward option. Plus, when the need to claim eventually arose, he was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of the claims handling process.

“In the past, I’ve had to file freight claims and it’s taken months to get anything back, it’s like pulling teeth. We love how fast Loadsure responds, and how quickly they resolve the claims. It’s painless.”

Waiting months to determine who’s liable for the damage, and then even longer for a payout, leaves midsize, family-run businesses like this out of pocket, while they shell out for repairs or replacements themselves. Loadsure’s automated claims process puts an end to this; we reach an outcome and pay out as quickly as possible — sometimes within 12 hours.

The result

Nelson Manufacturing had purchased cargo insurance from Loadsure countless times before they actually needed to file a claim, and they were pleased to find that when the time came, the claim was settled very quickly. 

“I only filed my second claim today, and it looks like I’ve already gotten paid for it – so that’s one of the biggest things we like about Loadsure policies.”

As Shipping Manager, Aaron is responsible for handling any reports of damaged shipments and filing any claims, but using Loadsure makes this part of his job far easier. “Everything has been simple and straightforward. When I had to email the team a question about my first claim, I got a quick response back. I would absolutely recommend Loadsure.”

A view from above of a truck depot, some of the cargo trucks are leaving while others are parked

Key Takeaways

✔ Affordable coverage available through carrier
✔ Easy claims filing process
✔ Responsive support from Loadsure claims team
✔ Fast claim payout, sometimes even same-day