Boosting business revenue with better insurance coverage

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A logistics firm that cares

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, Bahr Transportation is a logistics firm, operating primarily across the US and Canada. The business is made up of a tight-knit, fast-growing team, who take on the role of matchmaker between shippers and carriers, in order to get the best arrangement for everyone. 

Self-described as “the most dependable logistics provider in your corner”, Bahr Transportation specializes in the food and beverage sector — building customized plans for clients who require the timely delivery of perishable goods. This is a logistics business that prides itself on transparency, honesty and value for money, without compromising on the level of service. With 70% of loads needing just 2-7 hours notice for pick-up, Bahr Transportation provides a flexible and efficient service which is ideal for last-minute shipments, raising the bar for food transportation standards.

Results snapshot

✔ Significant boost to business revenue
✔ Coverage secured at considerably better value
✔ Decreased manual admin time
✔ Easy to train up other team members

The challenge 

One of the biggest challenges that the Bahr Transportation team regularly faced was that sometimes, they’d get a load with such a slim margin that they couldn’t sustainably purchase an additional spike insurance policy while still turning a profit. On top of this, when there was insurance in place, these policies often contained restrictive reefer breakdown clauses that rendered the policy unfit for purpose.  

For reefer cargo, an 8-24 hour breakdown clause is a common inclusion. That means if the reefer breaks down, there’s no coverage for the first 24 hours. Clauses like this were leaving Bahr Transportation’s clients with the risk of incurring huge financial losses due to insufficient cover. 

“Food and beverage shipments are sensitive, time-critical and fragile. They really do need a bit of extra care — it’s not like a load of steel that can sit in a yard for a few weeks until the right carrier is available at the right price.”


– Andy Bahr, Founder & President

The solution

At the 2023 TIA Conference, Andy Bahr came across Loadsure. After meeting directly with Johnny McCord — our CEO and Founder — Andy realized that this solution could be the answer. For starters, Loadsure’s policies don’t feature a reefer breakdown clause, so Bahr Transportation can now ensure that their client’s cargo is properly protected, even in the event of a breakdown.

Andy was also impressed by the fact that Loadsure offers “true coverage that fills the gap between the amount of coverage the carrier has, and the value of the load.” He pointed out that our policies have generous limits per load, and they’re offered at a “pretty competitive rate” too. Having access to affordable policies like this is a game changer for Bahr Transportation; it closes any gaps in coverage so they’ll never be financially liable for a lost load.

The result

Since switching to Loadsure, Bahr Transportation has been able to do business with a broader range of clients, safe in the knowledge that shipper cargo is now properly covered to the actual value of the load.

“The speed of buying insurance is quick and easy. We’ve decreased time spent on admin, and increased business revenue significantly.”

But as well as these tangible results, Andy also expressed his appreciation for how intuitive and user-friendly the Loadsure portal is to use, and the responsive support he’s had from the Loadsure team, who have offered insurance consulting and “a lot of caring communication”.

“I wouldn’t think twice about recommending Loadsure to other logistics providers.” 

Key Takeaways

✔ Significantly increased business revenue
✔ Great coverage at a great rate
✔ Reliable, responsive customer service from an expert
✔ Easy to train other users on the Loadsure portal