Behind the scenes: 5 of Loadsure’s most memorable shipments

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Taylor Walker, CIO

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In 2021 alone, billions of tons of goods were transported around the globe by ship, truck, train and plane. Yet amongst all the cargo you might think of first – like food and agricultural products, healthcare products and construction materials – there are some pretty niche shipments too.

Working in freight insurance has given me some interesting (and unexpected) visibility into what gets shipped where, and the special conditions that certain goods require in transit. With that in mind, I’m sharing some of the standout shipments that have crossed our desk over the years. 

The Aston Martin Vulcan

One for the motorheads; We’ve provided quotes for a range of high-end autos over the years, to protect them while en route to car shows or even film sets. But perhaps the most high-value example of this is the Aston Martin Vulcan (2016), which needed shipping from the US to Europe. One of only 24 ever made, the car is valued at a huge $2,300,000, so you could say getting the right cargo insurance was key…   

Contact lenses

A shipment of contact lenses in itself may not sound that niche – after all, it was a domestic delivery of a widely-used product. But what made it interesting was the weather; contact lenses can freeze in their solution, and when they thaw out again, the quality of the lenses is compromised. This particular load was traveling through a part of the US dealing with weather consistently below 32 degrees, so temperature control was a key consideration. Thanks to our partners at WeatherOptics we were able to review the exposure in granular detail and approve the risk!  

An Airbus helicopter

On the other end of the size spectrum, there’s the Airbus chopper we insured in parts. A complex, high-value risk – this helicopter was in transit from Brisbane to Los Angeles. We ensured that it was carefully shipped, with parts stowed in precisely fitted containers. As well as insuring the loads, Loadsure provided guidance on the carriers used, and the experience needed for such complex, valuable cargo.

Bitcoin mining machines

Bitcoin mining machines are the networked computers that carry out the mining process, bringing new bitcoins into circulation for digital currency. Built by specialist manufacturers, they require expert review before they’re insured, as they present a high-value risk. When we review shipments like this, we look at everything from packaging and handling guidelines to security procedures, to ensure the cargo gets from point A to point B safely. In this instance we worked with the cargo owner and carrier, so the vehicles were equipped with air ride suspension to minimize any potential damages from shock in transit. These specific machines were being shipped to one of the largest bitcoin mining sites in the world!

A large power transformer (LPT)

These colossal bits of machinery form a crucial component of the electric power generation and transmission grid – but their size makes them complex to transport. This particular LPT was being shipped from Europe to the US, and was valued at several million dollars. The shipment consisted of multiple stages – being loaded onto a vessel, then transhipped onto a barge, and lastly trucked to its final destination.

This eclectic combination of cargo goes some way to demonstrate the versatility of Loadsure’s policies. Thanks to its huge (and growing) bank of data, our advanced algorithm gives us the ability to quote accurate, affordable prices for goods in transit. 

Now we’ve shed some light on the variety of goods we’ve quoted up, you know exactly how sophisticated our dynamic rating engine is. Take a look at the range of different policies we offer over on our product page